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Posted by Gary on 08 July 2007 @ 5:08PM under Forex Trader Blog.

So I have invested my 25$ to see what this forex stuff is about, Man it is defiantly interesting to say the least. I made 19$ my first trade things are looking good. Well anyways what comes around goes around as they say - But oddly enough 19$ on a 25$ investment is 76%. In my first 2 weeks trading I learned a lot actually with out breaking my piggy bank open. Well I will share with you some charts and stuff here when I get around to it and share my knowledge with you.

 The weekly outlooks that easy forex has provided for me is a strong basis on my trade atm, They are pretty accurate in predicting support and resistance its kind of scary how all these fobancci buy/sell lines work but they seem to work pretty well, I am still working on my timing though. 

 I have been mainly day trading the gold "XAU" to the USD pair daily, Although I noticed a strong relationship between XAU-USD, GBP-USD and EUR-USD pairings. I haven't traded in a week or so. I am waiting to put another deposit in but for 25$ its hard not to invest into learning this stuff when, I get a lot of satisfaction from trying to learn a new skill and hell the riverboat will take your 25$ much faster unless you get into a bad trade.

 I had a few of those but honestly if you do some research on the markets and use the support and resistance numbers from the outlook page you can have some success at this stuff. I was down to 12.50 in my account and I built it back up to 60 dollars before waking up one morning and betting against what I said the market was going to do for the day. Well needless to say that 60$ can go quick if you aren't going with the trend.  




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