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Forex Basic Training - Lesson 1

Posted by Gary on 19 September 2008 @ 5:08PM under Forex Basic Training.

Know your enemy! Not really... lol in this first lesson we will teach you some common terms associated with forex, and the foreign exchange markets. There are many weapon to choose for your war on the 4x market but today will will teach you some basic terms to help you better understand your enemy.

The foreign exchange market has been around a very long time and goes by many different names, here are names associated with the foreign exchange currency market:

  • Forex
  • Foreign exchange Currency market
  • 4X
  • FX

Forex Basic Training ~ Lesson 2

Posted by Gary on 19 September 2008 @ 5:08PM under Forex Basic Training.

In this lesson we will teach you what the common trading pairs of the 4X market are, each currency has another associated with it. For example you may hear the term EUR ~ USD, this in essence just means that a trade is coordinated between these pairs of currency.  Here are some of the most commonly traded currency pairs in 4X:

  • GBP ~ USD    British Pound / US Dollar Cable
  • EUR ~ USD    Euro / US Dollar Euro
  • USD ~ JPY     US Dollar / Japanese Yen Dollar Yen
  • USD ~ CHF    US Dollar / Swiss Franc Dollar Swiss, or Swissy
  • USD ~ CAD    US Dollar / Canadian Dollar Dollar Canada
  • AUD ~ USD    Australian Dollar / US Dollar Aussie Dollar
  • CHF ~ JPY     Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen Swiss Yen
  • NZD ~ USD    New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar New Zealand Dollar or Kiwi
  • USD ~ ZAR    US Dollar / South African Rand Dollar Zar or South African Rand
  • EUR ~ GBP    Euro / British Pound Euro Sterling
  • EUR ~ JPY     Euro / Japanese Yen Euro Yen
  • EUR ~ CHF    Euro / Swiss Franc Euro Swiss
  • GBP ~ CHF    British Pound / Swiss Franc Sterling Swiss
  • GBP ~ JPY     British Pound / Japanese Yen Sterling Yen
  • GLD ~ USD    Spot Gold Gold or XAU USD
  • SLV ~ USD     Spot Silver Silver or XAD USD
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